A New 3-Dimensional Software for Media and Broadcast Industry

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Untitled-1Patron Network, a UK-based organization with wide operations in the Middle-East, offering innovative solutions in broadcasting, communication and technology is proud to announce a new 3-dimensional intelligent Smart Scrutiny System providing monitoring, control and reporting solutions for media, broadcast and telecommunications operations.

S3-MCR, as the software is called will be launched and at show during BVE 2013 to be held at ExCeL London in February this year.

The software is designed to help engineers to better understand the behavior of their equipment in different time periods, monitoring the operations and identifying performance roadblocks of the equipment for them to ensure implementing a resilient equipment operations strategy.

S3-MCR is multi-vendor control software, featuring user-defined customize automation scripting and session scheduling. The software has the ability to control equipment based on LAN, SNMP, MODBUS Local and remote access and on Serial RS232/RS485. The software has an amazing ability to monitor, control and report for up to 3000 devices and equipment simultaneously, without any lag in its performance or analysis capability.


S3-MCR is profoundly designed to perform sophisticated equipment analysis. It automatically detects, analyses and reports functioning faults in control room equipment by raising alarms within milliseconds, via built-in Voice assistant or SMS to Engineers.

The distinctive feature of the software is its integration with GSM and Google Map applications for users to track the location of the remote station(s). Interestingly, the alert system is user-customizable feature and can be customized based on user request for individual devices, however depending on the status of each platform. The alerts can be set for critical, major, minor or for all events.
S3-MCR has ready default reporting templates in PDF, DOC, XLS and JPEG formats. All templates are user-customizable and offer the opportunity to generate and save new templates as well. Furthermore, S3-MCR maintains event log, data archives and reporting history for connected equipment.
S3-MCR is very user friendly and comes with a touch screen interface.

The main aim of the software is to enhance the efficiency of the operations team, saving them the time for fault tracking, problem diagnosis and analysis, where, with S3-MCR they can now focus only on resolving issues. It also saves time in preparing hefty complex analysis reports by providing them with system-generated reports presented in clear graphical manner, ready to be shared with all related stakeholders and management personnel with minutes.
The software shall serve as a revolutionary performance booster for Satellite Uplink and Downlink Stations, Teleports, VSAT Stations, DSNG Stations, Marine and Military settings and Media, TV, Broadcast stations.

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To know more about the software, please contact: info@patronnetwork.com or shoaib@patronnetwork.com