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Services Overview

Patron Network currently operates one outside broadcast vehicle with a capability of 4 SD and 1 HD camera production unit. The OB Van unit is built onto a Mercedes sprinter chassis 2000V.

1.8 Meter Antenna with Ku band Uplink
Tx 14 – 14.5 GHz
Rx 10.7 to 12.5 Ghz
180 Watt HPA
Tandberg Encoder SD
16 Channel Audio Mixer
4 x Camera SD Mixer
1 Camera HD Uplink
Ready for Broadcast at anytime from anywhere comes with a built-in 10 KVA generator.

  • 1.Out Broadcast
  • 2.Satellite Up-links
  • 3.Live stand up

1.2 Meter Antenna with Ku band Uplink
TX 14 – 14.5 GHz
RX 10.7 to 12.5 GHz
180 Watt Outdoor HPA
Tandberg Encoder SD/HD
4 channel Audio Mixer
Spectrum analyser
1 x Camera SD/HD
Multi Camera Option also available.

  • 1.DSNG
  • 2.Out broadcasting
  • 3.Live stand up
  • 4.Flyaway
  • 5.Satellite up-links

For bookings and rate cards please email
or simply call +44 (0) 161 713 3827/6

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