Patron Network is a one-stop-shop for uplink and IP services. With ground station infrastructure, more than 100 antennas in a secure and guarded facility (including 13.1 meter and 16 meter dishes), fiber to run IP backbones, full SCPC/SCPC connections and the abilities to accommodate STM1 and 2 megabytes of information plus a full and experienced staff well versed in providing solutions, Patron Network is a full service provider.

Patron Network’s teleport services – uplink, download and turnaround – are the gateways to your communications needs. Combining the most advanced digital technologies with complete and comprehensive world-wide coverage, our expertise provides customers with global access in a 24/7 environment.

Strategic Location Advantage

Strategically located in the Middle East, Patron Network’s ground station satellite dishes offer uplink services across the globe for both occasional and permanent use. Uplink services utilize all of Patron Network’s satellite platforms, clients’ own satellite capacity and our partners’ resources to meet every request.

Satellite Dishes

Our expanding earth-station farm with C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band capabilities together with our network of satellites and fiber connections provide complete and comprehensive teleport services to broadcasters, enterprises and government agencies. Operating from our strategic position in the Middle East and from a secure teleport, we leverage our MCPC satellite platforms, fiber networks and partners’ resources for full time distribution around the globe.